Brand implosion

It is virtually impossible to peruse any magazine or watch a media outlet without witnessing an individual or company in the middle of “brand implosion.” The implosion of one’s brand can be caused by a variety of different factors (changing demands, lack of customer focus, etc.). I would submit that most brands implode from one […]

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Brand experience matters

Most companies believe that they are delivering meaningful brand experiences for consumers. Unfortunately, most of these experiences fall short because they are not robust enough and usually lack consistency across all touchpoints. According to Gallup, customers that feel emotionally connected are more loyal to businesses than not. I am sure we can all attest to experiencing the […]

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3 Essential keys for branding to the rich

The announcement by Toronto-based luxury hotel chain, Four Seasons, of a Boeing 757 emblazoned with their brand symbolically throws the gauntlet down as it relates to branding for the rich. The all black facade is very fitting as it screams exclusivity while being stealth at the same time. The $119,000 price tag will ensure a certain echelon of […]

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